Our Staff

R.G. Sinclair Public School Staff


JK/SKA -     Ms. Rebecca St-James/
                 Ms. Turner (ECE)

JK/SKB -     Ms. Kristen Mennie
                 Ms. Tammy Kekewich

Grade 1 -    Ms. Tiffany Gazeley

Grade 1/2 - Ms. Sherry Richards

Grade 2   -  Ms. Karisa Ambury

Grade 3 -    Ms. Janice Dendy

Grade 4/5 -    Ms. Lana MacDonald

Grade 5/6 -   Ms. Kim Eves

Grade 6/7 -     Mrs. Shelley Desarmia

Grade 7/8 -  Mr. Mike Byers

Principal -    Mrs. Molly Slate

Office Administrator  -  Ms. Lorna Smith
Student Support Teacher - Ms. Sue Burnett

French Teacher - Mme. Amanda Coulter

French Teacher - Mme. Fiona Wight

Educational Assistants:

Ms. Jaimie Gee
Ms. Beth Malott
Ms. Summer Munhall
Ms. Abigail Holden
Ms. Carli Lefevre 
Ms. Stephanie Gloebus-Hoenich

Head Custodian - Mr. Dan Ainslie
Custodian - Mr. Eric Gordon

We have a variety of classroom communication tools that are in use at RG Sinclair. Each of our classroom teachers communicates with parents/guardians on a regular basis. 

Please read the classroom newsletter sent home at the beginning of the school which explains how your child's teacher will be communicating with you during the school year. You are most welcome to phone the school directly to speak with your child's teacher regarding what communication system they are using to keep you informed and for you to share information with them.