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School Council
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You CAN Make a Difference ...on the School Council!

2017/18 School Council Members
Co-Chairs                                               Shannon Cowan, Sara Kreick

Treasurer                                               Tina Demerling

Secretary                                               Kelley Packalen

Bingo Committee                         Bonnie Downton

Teaching Representative                 Lana MacDonald

Support Staff Representative            Jaimie Gee

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The R. G. Sinclair School Council is our connection to our children as students. The Council is made up of dedicated volunteers - teachers, family, and community friends - that strive to augment the education of our children through enrichment programs, field trips, and financial support to purchase school equipment, resource books, and additional classroom materials.

Parents have the opportunity to meet and to discuss relevant issues about education and the school community. There are also regional and provincial publications, seminars, lectures, and workshops available to council members. There are many ways to become more informed and active in our children’s education. All are welcome to attend the monthly council meetings.

The role of the School Advisory Council is to:

.promote parental involvement in the school to enhance student learning
.provide a meaningful advisory role for parents and the community
.foster partnerships and communication between parents, staff, and the community
.provide a forum for learning about education and community needs
.undertake projects to support the school

All parents or guardians of students in the school, as well as the principal, students, teachers, and support staff, are encouraged to participate in the School Council.

Executive Members
An Executive is elected at an annual general meeting held in June or September. Elected positions include a chair or co-chairs, vice chair, treasurer, secretary, curriculum coordinator, fundraising, and communications. Appointed positions include teaching, support staff, and community liaison. The principal acts as a resource person to the Council. Parents must always form the majority on the Executive.


The Chair (Based on School Council’s Guide for Membership)
Arrange for meetings & prepare agendas (email to members prior to meeting & send home to parent population)
Chair council meetings and facilitate the resolution of conflict
Participate as ex-officio member of all committees established by the school council
Communicate with school principal on behalf of the councilCouncil bulletin board kept up-to-date
Check council mailbox in the office and council’s electronic mail (through first class system) and disseminate mail to council membersAttend PIC meetings
Create a year-end report of all activities undertaken by council (due June 30)
Chair the first meeting in September the year following being in office (election meeting) to ensure a smooth transition for the new council members

Vice Chair
Email reminders for snack
Assisting chair with tasks as required and be a sounding board for chair
Write articles and organize council newsletters (every 2 months)
Chairing meetings when chair isn’t available
Taking minutes if secretary not available
Attend PIC meetings
Assist with guest speaker/special events organized for parents
Attend any subcommittee meetings as needed

Ensure that minutes of council meetings are recorded and maintained
Distribute meeting minutes via email to each council member in a timely manner after each meeting
Assist in communication with parent community (via newsletters, updating website, etc)
Make copy of minutes to be maintained in council binder in the office
Arrange for a replacement if unable to attend a meeting

Treasurer (based on School Council’s Financial Handbook)
Monthly reconciliation of council account books with bank account and school’s accounting
Submit a written report of the transactions carried out through the account to the school council at each regular meeting of the school council
Annually submit a written report on council activities to the principal of the school and to the board (report due by the end of June)
Provide support at fundraising events for floats, change, and making deposits
Provide monthly statements regarding the lottery account
Ensure money is being counted at the end of council events (2 people required)
Ensure council bills are paid in a timely manner
Be involved with the creation of the yearly budget
Ensure a smooth transition between past and new Treasurer by assisting with the transfer of procedures, documents, and any other accounting aids (cheques, stamps, etc) to the new Treasurer

Fundraising Coordinator
Create a fundraising plan for the year to be approved by council
Recruit volunteers for each fundraising event
Coordinate implementation of each fundraising event
Liaison with treasurer regarding financial activities of fundraising event

Fun Fair Coordinator
Chair fun fair committee
Oversee the organization of all fun fair activities
Aid in advertizing event, and recruitment of volunteers
Arrange for purchase of game prizes, concession and BBQ items

Bingo Coordinator(s)
Assist Council in finding Bingo volunteers and arrange for their training by the Bingo Hall
Coordinate the volunteer schedule and fill time slots
Cancel any unfilled time slots with the Bingo Hall with a minimum of 48 hours notice
Send out an email reminder to volunteers about four days prior to their shift
Ensure the treasurer has completed and submitted the monthly Bingo Report to the City of Kingston (assist with this report if required)
Be the liaison between the Bingo Hall and Council

Garden Coordinator
Maintain the front gardens and butterfly gardens of the school to maintain an attractive, cared for entrance to the school for the enjoyment of students, staff and the community
Organize work parties as needed for weeding, pruning,
Organize work parties as needed to add mulch to the gardens
Coordinate with the school to have students assist when appropriate so they can enjoy the benefits of working with nature and the outdoors and learn about plants and their care
Submit budget requests to Council for funds to support garden care and improvement
Particpate with community events such as Communities in Bloom if desired

Parent Representatives (Based on School Council’s a Guide for Membership)
Participate on any committees established by the school council
Contribute to the discussion of the school council
Solicit the views of other parents and members of the community to share with the school council
Observe the council’s code of ethics and established bylaws


The Executive hosts regular meetings of the School Advisory Council. Meetings are advertised through notices sent home in the school council newsletter The Beehive and posted on the Parent Council bulletin board in the main hall. In addition to reports from Executive members, guest speakers are often invited to address topics of interest. Meetings are open to the whole school community and parents are encouraged to attend and to be active in the school. Agendas are set by the School Advisory Council chair in consultation with the principal.

Collaborative Decision Making
The Executive assists the principal and staff with such issues as school budget priorities, curriculum goals, scheduling of events, code of behaviour, and other issues that arise.

Financial Support
The Executive makes decisions about spending Council funds based on needs and initiatives identified by staff, students, and parents. Criteria which reflect the School Vision have been established to assist in this decision making process. The criteria specify that expenditures should:

.have educational value
.be affordable
.promote fairness and equal distribution
.encourage and relate to parental skills and involvement
.give recognition to children
.encourage new skills and opportunities
.promote fun and social involvement for the students and community
.connect our school to Kingston and the global community

In the past, the Council has funded the purchase of a clavinova, a freezer, a large TV and DVD, resource books, classroom supplies and equipment, as well as field trips and special events.

The Executive produces ‘The Beehive’, a newsletter that reports on School Council news, events, and information of interest to parents and staff.

Special Events
The Executive takes a leadership role in helping to organize special school wide events such as open houses, social gatherings, and celebrations. All parents are encouraged to offer their support.

Volunteers make a valuable contribution to R. G. Sinclair Public School. They may work with students one to one to improve reading and math skills, help with classroom activities, share their expertise with students, serve on the School Advisory Council, and assist with field trips. Anyone wishing to volunteer is asked to speak to the principal, the secretary or to the chair of the School Advisory Council.

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