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Our School
School Vision: Excellence Together

R. G. Sinclair Public School will continue to be a thriving and progressive centre of learning that reflects and responds to the communities it serves. We are a partnership of students, teachers, parents, and support staff committed to building excellence together. The staff and parents will provide encouragement, support, opportunities, and guidance to all children as they grow emotionally, intellectually, and socially. Here students will discover the joy of lifelong learning.

History of Our School

R. G. Sinclair opened in 1950 in the growing community of Reddendale. It was the first public elementary school in the area. The following June saw the graduation of the first grade eight class of six students.

Over the years, the school has grown and changed in response to the community around it. Initially, all students walked to school. Now, there is a combination of those who live in the immediate neighbourhood and those who are bussed from the Sutton Mills area.

The school has always had a strong association with the community. Events over the years have included skating parties on a large rink flooded in the school yard, fun fairs, dances, and concerts. Many children who attend today have parents who graduated from our school. Some teachers at the school were themselves students here.R.G. Sinclair Public School has changed physically during the past five decades. Additions were made to the building in 1955, 1958, 1968, and 1971. The students, staff, and programs have also changed. But the vibrant spirit of the school has remained constant. This is a place which continues to provide a positive and enthusiastic environment in which our children can grow and learn.

Who Was R.G. Sinclair?

A chemistry professor and community volunteer.
Robert Gordon Sinclair was born in 1903 in Fenelon Falls, Ontario.
He came to Kingston in 1920 as a student at Queen's University.
After pursuing graduate studies and a teaching post at the University of Rochester, he returned to Queen's in 1937 as the first Craine Professor of Biochemistry.
From his home in Collins Bay, where he lived with his wife Elizabeth and their three children, Dr. Sinclair became active in community affairs.
He was the chair of the Kingston Township School Board, president of the Kingston Horticultural Society, and a leader in his church.
He also loved skating, swimming, and sailing.
On the morning of August 17, 1949, at the age of 46, he died in a drowning accident in Collins Bay.
Wishing to remember him, the community named their new school in his honour.

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