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Extra Curricular at Sinclair
Student Council
The Student Council provides students in grades 4 to 8 with opportunities to exercise leadership. Students self nominate in a letter outlining their organizational abilities, leadership experiences, and creative ideas for our school. A committee of staff reviews the letters and selects between 20-25 representatives with representation from each grade 4 - 8 classroom. ...Full Story...

Choirs and Music

R. G. Sinclair has student choirs. The primary choir is for all students in grades one to three, and the junior choir is for all students in grades four to six. An intermediate choir is offered to any interested students to participate. The primary and junior choirs practice weekly and perform at assemblies, concerts, and at the Kiwanis Festival. The intermediate choir practices throughout the fall term and performs at the concert. For the past few years, the choirs have been awarded a gold seal at the Kiwanis Festival and have performed in the Festival Highlights Concert. Instrumental music is offered to students in grade 7 and 8 who are interested for a nominal fee. This program is in partnership with the L.D.S.B. and lessons are given by a qualified instructor during the school day. Instruments can be rented at a reasonable cost.

Sinclair Teams

R.G. Sinclair has traditionally housed a very athletic group of students.  There are opportunities to participate in Colour House Intramurals during the lunch house or to be a DPA Leader and help to encourage active, healthy active living every day.

If students are interested in pursuing more competitive sports, there are opportunities to run with the cross country team, play on any of the soccer, basketball, volleyball, road race or track and field teams. There is great emphasis on team building, skills development, and healthy attitudes in sport.

Sinclair Clubs

There are a diverse group of children at R.G. Sinclair, with many interests and abilities.  Students who are interested in playing instruments, acting, singing, leadership development, babysitting, dancing or art are provided with opportunities to immerse themselves in a club of their choice.

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