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R. Gordon Sinclair Public School
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    Terry Fox Walk/Run - Thursday, September 29.
    OurTerry Fox Walk/Run iwasThursday, September 29. We walked to Jorene Park and walked around the perimeter of the park. Kindergarten students walked around the school yard. Thank you to everyone who participated in the walk/run and contributed to can ... Full Story ...
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    School Organization 2016/17
    Class organization for 2016/17 School Year is as listed below. Kindergarten Ms. St. James Kindergarten Mrs. McKellar Grade 1 Ms. Beckstead Grade 1/2 Mrs. Fisher/Mrs. Meers Grade 3 Mr. MacKellar Grade 3/4 Mrs. Dendy Grade 4/5 Grade 5 Grade 6/7 Grade ... Full Story ...
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    School Timetable - New for 2016/17
    The school timetable for this year is as follows: 9:13 9:15 10:55 11:15 11:35 1:15 1:55 3:35 Line Up Bell/9:15 Entry Instruction Recess Lunch Instruction Recess Instruction Dismissal ... Full Story ...
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    Allergen Aware: Please no nuts or peanuts
    We have students at our school who have a severe anaphylactic allergy to nuts and/or peanuts. As a result, we are requesting that all students and staff please refrain from bringing products to school that contain, of have come in contact with, nuts or pe ... Full Story ...
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Growing, Learning and Achieving Together

Welcome to the 2016-17 school year. At RG Sinclair, we are committed to providing an engaging and supportive learning environment for all students in the areas of literacy, mathematics, science and technology, social studies, the arts and character education.

We invite our students to come to school each day with a positive growth mindset and willingness to try their best, and to engage in quality thinking. A growth mindset means that you believe intelligence can be developed and that effort is the path to learning and mastery. It also means that all new learning requires effort and hard work. When students approach learning tasks with the belief that they can learn, it means that have a growth mindset. Quality thinking includes creative thinking, collaboration and critical thinking.

Please contact us at the school if you have questions about the information items sent home in the school newsletter. We look forward to a positive and successful school year!

Mrs. Karen Handley


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Listen to our Junior Choir performing at the Kiwanis Festival and Kiwanis Highlights Concert!
Listen and view their wonderful singing by clicking on below...
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What Did The Students Do At Sinclair Today?....
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