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R. Gordon Sinclair Public School
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Growing, Learning and Achieving Together

At RG Sinclair, we are committed to providing an engaging and supportive learning environment for all students in the areas of Language, Core French, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Health and Physical Education, Social Studies, the Arts and Character Education. We take pride in our students for their active engagement in their learning in all curriculum areas. This includes our two beautiful choirs and our athletics program – Physical Education, Daily Physical Activity, school sports teams and intramural sports.  We believe that a safe and caring school environment is essential for learning and endeavor to provide this every day. We provide several opportunities for our students to get involved in the life of the school and develop their leadership skills. Some examples of activities that are part of our student leadership program include Hall Monitors, Morning Announcers, Bus Patrollers, Yard Pals, Office Helpers, Kindergarten Helpers and Intramural Coaches and Referees.

When you are visiting the school, we invite you to read the Growth Mindset messages in our front foyer. Having a growth mindset means that you believe that intelligence can be developed and that effort is the path to learning and mastery. It also means that you understand that all new learning requires effort and hard work. When students approach learning tasks with the belief that they can learn and be successful, it means that have a growth mindset. Teachers will be providing ongoing feedback to students throughout the school year to help them with their development of a growth mindset.

Please contact us at the school if you have questions regarding your son or daughter’s progress and/or well-being at school. Our partnership with School Council and our parents/guardians is integral to a positive and successful year.
Mrs. Karen Handley


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Listen to our Junior Choir performing at the Kiwanis Festival and Kiwanis Highlights Concert!
Listen and view their wonderful singing by clicking on below...
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What Did The Students Do At Sinclair Today?....
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